Enter the Network Registration System ...

...Faculty, Staff, and Students

Faculty, Staff, and Students may view their registrations, add and remove devices and sponsor guests for access.

(via NetBadge authentication)

...Guests of the University

To register a device on the network, guests must have a PIN which may be obtained from the IT staff of the department you are visiting.

To continue, you will need to know the Physical/Hardware Address (how do I find this?) of the device you wish to register.

(with PIN)

Note: If you do not have a PIN, you may ask a UVA Faculty, Staff, or Student to register the device on your behalf.

Important: By registering this computer, you acknowledge that you understand, and agree to abide by the policies, standards, and procedures outlined in the UVA Information Policy Library. If you do not agree to abide by the policies and guidelines, you may not use this system.

Once you have registered this computer, you will gain access to the UVA network.